Week of Closing Checklist

Friendly reminders on things that should be on your radar 7 days out from your closing:

Get the UTILITIES transferred into your name. Call the utilities below and do a change service (into your name) on the date of your closing.

Electric – NV Energy – 702-402-5555 – Then press 1, then 3, then 2, then *.

Gas – SouthWest Gas – 877-860-6020 – Then press 1, then 0, then 2, then #. *They will need your SS # and your DOB*

Water – Las Vegas Valley Water – 702-870-2011 – Then press 3, then 1 for English, pause for a bit, then press 2, then 2, then 2, then 3. Then 2. *They will need your DOB*

Trash – Republic Services – 702-735-5151 – The press 3, then 5 to transfer service, then 2 for residential.


Do you want TV services? How about Internet?

Call Cox for Cable tv/internet at 702-436-7904 or CHAT.

Call Direct TV for tv at 855-833-4388

Call Century Link for internet at 877-862-9343


Make sure you have INSURANCE on your new purchase! Call your insurance agent and get a policy in place effective on the date of your closing.


Also, be sure to do up a Change of Address with the Post Office.


For a more detailed checklist to help with your move, click HERE.