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Congratulations on being a homeowner!!

Owning a home is not easy BUT, with the right contractors to your avail, it's a heck of a lot easier! And that's where I come in! I want to be your "GO TO GUY" for finding you awesome contractors! Being a REALTOR® allows me to network with 100's of other agents to find you the BEST contractor for the job!

I've listed out a few of my personal favorites here but if you need ANYTHING else, fill in the brief form at the bottom of this page and I'll reply with some highly referred contractors that will do your job properly, AND cost-effectively!

The contractors listed on this page are recommended by REALTORS® for REALTORS®.

Landscaping - For projects big or small, call/text Dave/Glenda at 702-641-5296. This family owned business is sure to impress!

Landscaping Maintenance - Need some trees trimmed, or weeds pulled, etc, then Charlie Gallo is your man! Call/text him at 702-521-6881.

Painting (Interior or Exterior) - Call/text Nery at 702-497-6608 - This guy is the BEST in town!

Electrician - The best and nicest electrician in town is none other than Felipe. This guy will knock out your job outside of his day job but you won't beat his price. Call/text Felipe at 702-239-1271.

Pest Extermination - Use Andy with Andy's Dead Bug Pest Control! He's a great guy and will give you the best price. Any bugs you see after he shows up will always be DEAD! Call/text Andy at 725-300-6658.

Locksmith - Call/text the NICEST locksmith around Luigi with Act Fast Locksmith at 702-885-8570.

Home Cleaning - You can't go wrong with Elite House Cleaning! Call/text 702-538-5567 - They charge just $40/hr for TWO maids!

Window Cleaning - Powell Window Cleaning is by far, the best in town! - - Call/text Caden at 702-587-7487.


Need a different contractor?

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