About Me

Mission Statement:

While most sales people represent a product, or a company, I don’t. I represent YOU, and will ALWAYS have YOUR best interest in mind throughout the entire real estate transaction.


I got my start in business fresh out of college by partnering up with my brother Troy and opening up Minnesota’s FIRST wedding photography studio practicing the new (at the time) style of photography known as Photojournalism. Camelot Photography quickly expanded to over 10 lead photographers with more than a dozen assistant photographers. Just a few years in, Camelot Photography morphed in to Camelot Weddings when we began offering DJ and Video Services to compliment our Photography Services. Several years later, Party Booths was founded in 2007 becoming the first Digital photo booth rental company. Party Booths quickly expanded offering its’ services Nationwide while Camelot was sold off to our lead photographer Matt Garceau (who still runs Camelot to this day).

Real Estate:

Growing up, my parents had always been owners / property managers of real estate and in their prime, they managed over 300 total units. For me, that meant by age 17, I was not only handling the bulk of the maintenance on those units, but also learning the ropes of the business. All through my college years, I watched more closely to the business side of things and learned a great deal about purchase agreements, leases, the eviction process and more. It didn’t take long before I was renting out my own units. After becoming truly fascinated with the Las Vegas real estate market, I went out and got my real estate license. I love Las Vegas with a passion so selling real estate here is a perfect fit for me! I also host a weekly/biweekly Real Estate “Meetup” Mastermind group to help out NEW real estate agents. We are currently at over 200 members strong, many of whom are no longer new agents.

My Hobbies:

Electric Cars: I am fascinated with Tesla cars although not because I’m an earth saving environmentalist but because the cars seem to be so revolutionary. Whether it’s the remarkable acceleration the cars offer or the fact that they can drive themselves down the freeways, not a day goes by when I’m not thinking about what this electric car company Tesla will come up with next.

Motorcycles: I absolutely LOVE riding motorcycles! It’s therapeutic for me riding laps around the 215 or hitting up some of the State and Federal Parks around Las Vegas. Something about the ride, simply put, gets me revved up for whatever projects needs to be done when I return.

Live Music: I LOVE watching live bands any chance I get. I enjoy most types of music but my favorite is good ole fashioned Rock n Roll. I always found it extraordinarily difficult to find where and when all the local live bands are playing though so I set out to change that. Check out Rock U! (the app) which should help solve the tedious task of deciding which band to go see, when, and where.

Pinball: I’ve been passionate about pinball my whole life! It is of my opinion, that pinball machines are much like tattoos as once you purchase you’re first one, you’ll instantly be in the market for a second, a third, etc. I’m up to six machines now and my guess is, it won’t be long before I reach 7. One nice thing about living in Vegas is it is home to the Pinball Hall of Fame where they have over 300 pinball machines on display that you can actually play. Now that’s a lot of fun if you find yourself with an extra $10 in your pocket.

Video Poker: Living in Las Vegas can prove to be very difficult at times if you have that gambling bug like I have SO I set out to find the best game in town that you can play for extended periods of time and theoretically NOT lose much money at all. In fact, there are some select variations of select video poker games that have a return of just OVER 100% “when played properly”. These unbelievable games are offered in just one place in the world; right here in Las Vegas.

Stock Market: My dad had always said “The stock market is nothing more than legalized gambling” and he was right. Still, I love the thrill of trading stocks whether it be just on a hunch, or buying into a particular company that I just love, the stock market is exciting as ever. I do not see a time in my near future where I’ll be shying away from it, unless of course, I run out of money. haha